Roller Garage Door

Buying a new garage door is an exciting time. It’s a great way to give your home an extra boost in curb appeal, give it a small makeover, and potentially increase the overall security of your home. With so many styles of garage doors available, you have endless options. You can go with a sectional garage door, a timber garage door (we recommend a cedar- or timber-look door instead of real wood), or a roller door. And in addition to the types of doors, you can elect to go with numerous options for windows and custom colours. Roller doors come in a variety of styles, and are an excellent choice. This week, we’ll discuss the reasons why a custom roller door might be the option for you.

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Types of Roller Doors

When you’re considering a custom roller door, you’re fortunate to have several styles to select from. Automatic roller doors are a wonderful choice. They don’t operate on tracks like sectional garage doors do, so you have flexibility, especially when your space is compact. When you raise the door it rolls into a coil instead of moving up into a flat formation to take up space beneath your ceiling.

A freestanding roller door is a great option when you’re installing the door at a gate entrance, courtyard, or a fence. It takes up very little space while providing a great level of security. When you go with the automatic option, nobody can enter without the remote, keeping your property secure.

Why Install a Roller Door?

They are a fantastic option for those who park cars in tight spaces. They have a small “footprint” and when you have a small, low ceiling or obstructions, they’ll give you more space. Additionally, they provide a high level of security, whether you go with a manual or automatic door. And finally, you can get insulated or uninsulated doors. Garage roller doors are beneficial for a number of reasons—contact us to learn more about our options!

Customizable to You!

Factory Direct Garage Doors has a variety of Colorbond shades, but if you need a custom colour we can match paint to any hue you need. You might prefer to have a door that gives you total privacy, or you might require a door that allows for more ventilation and visibility. In either case, we can work with you to create a custom option that will look exactly as you wish. You can purchase a garage door opener with remote, or you can opt for a manual opener. It all depends on what you need. If you can dream it, we can make it!

Contact Factory Direct Garage Doors today for your new custom roller door. Our tireless commitment to excellence in every door we manufacture shows. When you’re thinking about purchasing a custom garage door, whether it’s a sectional door, timber look door, or a roller door, your search ends with us.