make garage more useful

So many of us use our garage for one purpose: to keep the cars safe. While this is certainly the main purpose of most garages, the fact is, you can use this space for a number of things that will free up space in your home. Not to mention, you can increase the organization and efficiency of your life by making use of a few square feet of space in the garage.

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Here are some ways you can increase the efficiency of your home by using space in your garage.

Install Racks on the Walls for Tools

Like most homeowners, you probably have essentials such as a rake, shovel, brooms, and more. Rather than stumble over them or wrestle with them every time you need one, make it simple. You can buy a ready-made rack at your local home improvement store, or make one yourself. Then you can hang each of your tools side by side across the wall where you will be able to see them right away and have easy access.

Store Your Shoes in the Garage

Are you and your family always looking around for your08 shoes? Are you getting the kids off to school late or wasting too much time searching for them? Get a large shoe rack or two and install them right next to the door from the garage to your house. That way, when you drive into the garage you and your family can put your shoes on the rack where you know they’ll be next time you use them. Not only that, but you’ll free up space in the rest of your house…and prevent tripping hazards!

Create a Makeshift Mudroom

You can take the shoe rack one step further by creating a closet of sorts across one wall. This can be simple or fancy, depending on your preferences and budget. This can be as minimalist as hanging a shelf at eye level to store hats, gloves, and other essentials, then installing a few hooks to hang coats, a bench to sit on while removing shoes, and even a drawer or basket. Or you can buy beadboard, trim, mirrors, and other decorations to make it very attractive and inviting. Chalkboard paint is also a great way to share to-dos, notes, shopping items, and other important information.

Create a Supplies Pantry

If your home is short on storage and you feel as if you’re always fumbling with detergents, towels, and other supplies, you can create a storage pantry in your garage. Finding a shelf that is nearly floor-to-ceiling, 1-2m wide, and sticks out only half a meter from the wall is perfect. Once you have it installed, you can create a shelf for each room of the house to store extra laundry supplies, kitchen cleaners, household supplies, bathroom things, and more. When you free up room in these rooms, you’ll feel a lot less cluttered and have a more homey feeling inside.

Install a Workshop

If you’re having a hard time finding your tools or you’re running out of room to keep them in a closet, it might be time to make room in the garage for a workbench and shop area. You can keep the footprint of this space relatively small if you build it from the ground up and utilize storage to the max. Shelves, bins, carts, and other types of storage can really give you a lot of space to store everything, but without taking up a lot of floor space. You can hang a peg board on the wall to store hand tools where you’ll always be able to reach them.

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