repurpose your garage

Have you outgrown your house, but you don’t want to move? You might be wondering how you’re going to find space for your new office or living room, and are coming up against lack of space or privacy. Not to worry. We’ve got a solution that can help you gain more space without having to move or build an addition onto your existing home: repurposing your garage into a fully functioning room. It’s easier to do that you might think, and we have some ideas to convert your utilitarian garage into a comfortable, welcoming space.

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Here are some tips for turning your garage into a room.

Decide What Type of Room You Would Like

First off, what type of room do you need to convert your space to? Is it going to be a fully functioning home office? A rental space? How about a living room? Once you know the type of room you will need, from there, you can begin to sketch out the plans. We recommend checking with your local municipality to determine if any permits or other codes must be adhered to before you begin work.

Plan Your Space

You might be incredibly handy and know what you’re doing when it comes to home improvement, and in that case, we salute you. However, not all of us are adept at so many different types of building, and can’t handle all the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, dry wall, and so on. When you’re working on something as important as your home, you want to make sure the job is done correctly and won’t come back to haunt you years from now when you sell your home. Make sure that when you’re working with your contractor that the room serves the flow and purpose you need it to.

Select Your Residential Garage Door

Where some will want to build over their existing garage door so that the room no longer serves as a garage, we urge you to reconsider. While you might not have any plans to move now, down the road, your situation might change. A garage is a huge draw for a homebuyer, and if your home is lacking one completely, you could end up losing out on sales. When you keep the garage door, you’re giving that space flexibility, the ability to have large items moved in and out, and depending on the style you go with, could allow lots of natural light in (especially if you choose a modern-looking glass door!). One of the experienced technicians at Factory Direct Garage Doors can present your custom door choices, and discuss the pros and cons of each one for the space you’re building.

Don’t Forget the Climate Control

If your garage isn’t already heated or air-conditioned, you’re going to want to do that. You won’t want to use the space at all if it’s too hot or too cold, and that defeats the purpose of all the hard work you’re doing. If it’s too cost prohibitive to add the room to your home’s existing HVAC system, you can usually buy room-sized units that are reasonably priced.

Make Your New Room Cozy and Inviting

It could take some time for you to make the adjustment from thinking of this room as a garage to thinking of this room as an extension of your home. One of the best ways to make that transition go more smoothly is to decorate it just as you would any other living space. Bring in rugs, furniture, wall art, beautiful lighting, and other touches of home, and keep working on the space until all traces of it being a garage are nonexistent. It could take some time to adjust, which is completely natural. The more time you spend, the more you’ll come to enjoy it!

We know you’re going to love your new repurposed garage. When you’re ready to make the transition, give Factory Direct Garage Doors a call. We will discuss your options, draw up a quote for a custom garage door, and give you the best residential garage doors in Melbourne. Contact us now!