garage door remote keys

So you’ve settled on the garage door you like and are excited to have it installed. But wait. You still have another choice to make: the garage door opener key. There are a few types to choose from, and while you might be tempted to go with the most basic choice, take a few moments to learn more about the choices available to you.

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Here are some of the garage door remote choices available to you.

Universal Remote Garage Door Opener

The universal remote garage door opener is perhaps the most common type of opener. It can be easily programmed to go with virtually every garage door, and doesn’t require any special upgrades to your wiring, or special installations to other parts of your setup. There are multiple brands that manufacture this type of opener, which gives you countless options.

Keychain Garage Door Opener

Add an extra layer of security to your garage door by getting a small keychain opener. This offers some extra safety because when you take your keys out of your car to go inside, you’re taking your garage door remote with you. Leaving your remote in the car can be a target for thieves, who can get into your car and then use your garage door opener to gain access to your home. As with the universal remote, there are multiple options, giving you a nearly custom experience.

Keyless Entry

If you don’t want to use a remote at all, or if you’d like to have easy access to your garage when you’re not in your car, a keyless entry pad is an excellent option. You can easily program your access code into the pad, as well as temporary codes for those who are watching your home while you’re away. They can be easily integrated into your existing system and you can opt for a technician to do it, or if you’re extra handy, can do it on your own.

Remote Sensor

The latest technology has given some the ability to use remote entry. You can integrate this system with your phone or smart home system, and can program the door to open to your specifications. You can set it to open when you’re 100 feet from your home, for example. There are other options you can use, too, which makes this a truly unique experience. It works with your existing unit, and is relatively easy to program.

To learn more about your remote options for your garage door, schedule a consultation with Factory Direct Garage doors in Melbourne. We offer free quotes, and look forward to meeting your needs!