garage door spare parts

In our previous articles, we’ve mentioned many of the spare parts that go with your garage door. You might have a pretty good idea what most of these are, but aren’t so sure about the others. To understand more about the parts of your garage door, we created this glossary.

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Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are an integral part of the garage door, and without these, most won’t operate. The springs wind and unwind to move the garage door up and down, and should be matched to the weight of the garage door to ensure proper movement. These are expensive to replace, and if you try to do so on your own, could end up with serious injuries (in other words, always trust a pro to this job!).


The cables work in tandem with the torsion springs to help the garage door up and down. They’re attached to the extension springs, which are located at the bottom corners of the door, and unwind to help lift the garage door. These are important to have checked by a professional, so they don’t break unexpectedly and leave you stranded!

Extension Springs

Extension springs are attached to the cables. When the door is closed, the springs stretch. When the door opens, the springs work to lift the doors. These springs are much smaller than the torsion springs but carry just as much responsibility. Therefore, take a look at them regularly to make sure they’re still in working order.

Carriage Unit

Take a look at the motor of your garage door, and then look for the red cord with a handle (the manual safety release). The carriage is the part of the opener that moves the door up and down along the track. It’s automated, but when the manual safety release is disengaged, the door can be opened and closed manually.

Photo Eye

Contrary to what this sounds like, the photo eye doesn’t involve photography. Look at either side of your garage door near the ground. You’ll notice two black boxes with lenses that face each other. When these are properly aligned, and there are no obstructions, the door will open and close. But when there is an obstruction or somebody runs between these while the door is closing, the photo eye will signal the opener to stop and open. This is a safety mechanism that you’ll want to ensure is working at all times.

These are just a few of the garage door spare parts that make up your door. They’re some of the most commonly mentioned parts, and when it comes to the safety and maintenance of your door, you’ll want to take a look at these periodically to ensure they’re in good shape. The last thing you want is to have your door break unexpectedly, which is not only inconvenient but could cause serious injury.

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