real timber vs timber look garage doors

You love the look of a timber garage door. The wood is richly coloured, has a lovely texture, and adds an element of strength and beauty to your home. However, you’re likely wondering if you should go with real wood or a faux wood garage door. There are pros and cons to each, and we’ve prepared a guide to get you started.

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Read on for the pros and cons of faux timber vs. real timber garage doors.


Real timber garage doors require a certain amount of maintenance. Over time, the sun and elements can make the wood fade, and the texture can become a bit gnarled. Therefore, you’ll have to schedule regular maintenance to keep it looking nice. One perk is that you can update the look of your stain to go with the rest of your home. With faux timber, the processes used to create the natural look of wood aren’t prone to the same damage and fading, so the only maintenance you’ll have to perform is your regular garage door maintenance.


Real timber doors are beautiful, but that aesthetic comes with a price tag. You will end up paying more for them than you would for a timber-look door, in addition to the maintenance of the wood that will need to be done from time to time. Timber-look doors cost much less up front, which means you will get a budget-friendly door that has the same look as its natural counterpart.


Termites love wood, which is no secret. The moment they set their little eyes on your gorgeous real timber door that you dropped a load of money on, it’s all over but the crying. Faux wood is pest-resistant, so you won’t ever have to worry about your elegant door being snacked on by bugs.


Wood that is exposed to water and heat will naturally warp and rot over time, despite the best efforts being taken to prevent that from happening. You will never have to worry about warping and rotting with a timber-look door. And when you schedule maintenance to keep it in smooth, working order, your door could last anywhere from 15 to 30 years!

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