garage door opens by itself

You’re sure you closed your garage door, but lo and behold, it’s opened by itself, and you’re flummoxed. Shaking your head, you close it and go inside, but notice hours, days, or weeks later that it’s happened again. And again. Enough times that you know it’s not normal, and because you’ve been so meticulous about closing it, you know it’s not that you’ve forgotten to do it. Now it’s time to take action.

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Here are some of the reasons your door might open randomly.

Check the Area Around It

It’s possible that something is blocking the photo-eye sensor, or that something has fallen into the path of your door, causing it to open back up. Your car can run into things on the way in and out, your kids might’ve left a toy there, or the wind blew something out of place. It happens. Take a look around your automatic roller door to make sure there isn’t anything obvious, and that all pathways are cleared.

Is Your Door Old?

While using an appliance until it fizzles out and is no longer usable is the smart thing to do in most cases, the garage door opener is not one of those. Doors that were manufactured before 1993 used clips to set the code for your door, which means a neighbor might have one operating under the same code. If your door and opener are that old, it’s time to upgrade to a more secure system. That said, even though this scenario is rare, newer systems can still be affected by a neighbor’s opener, two-way radios, and other devices that operate on the same frequency.

Dirty Panel

Grease, debris, and other goodies can find their way into the cracks between the buttons on your opener panel and prevent your door from doing its job. It’s funny how easy it is to hit the button to close it on your way into the house and not notice the door hasn’t closed!

Bad Weather

Lightning can create a surge in electricity that can cause your automatic roller door to open. This surge can mean permanent damage that will need to be fixed by a trained service professional.

Electrical Issues

In addition to weather issues, electrical wiring that’s built into your home can also make your door open randomly. Whether it’s a GFCI switch, your breaker, or something else, it’s an issue that should be addressed by a professional.

Keep your belongings and your family safe, and address these issues quickly. This is especially important if you’re about to leave home for the weekend or a longer vacation. Just because you’re not actively using the automatic door doesn’t mean it won’t open at will!

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