garage door security

Few things are more important than the security of your home. You need to ensure that your belongings are safe, but most of all, that you and your family are safe from break-ins. While garage doors are wonderful for keeping your cars and belongings safe from the elements, they can be a weak point when it comes to home security if you don’t take proper precautions.

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Read on for safety tips to keep your home and garage door secure.

Bring Your Garage Door Remote Inside

If you park your car out on the street or in your driveway, you should never leave your garage door remote in your car. If a burglar really wants to get inside, all they have to do is break your car window (or simply open the door, if you haven’t locked it!), grab your remote, and push a button to gain access to your home. While bringing your remote inside and out every time might be a bit of a hassle, consider it extra insurance that you and your family are safe. Some garage door opener packages come with keychain remotes, too.

Cover the Windows

Windows are a beautiful part of your garage door, and allow light to come through. We sell a lovely collection of windows for your garage door, and consider them an integral part of any door. Because windows allow for perpetrators to peek inside your garage, you want to take a few precautions with the windows. Some designs make seeing inside difficult, so you can ask for help when you’re designing your door. But others might allow more visibility, and that’s easily fixed with an opaque or translucent film over the glass, which will still allow all the light through, but not allow people to window shop.

Install a Motion Detector

Installing a motion detector is a great way to scare off a potential thief. You can do something as simple as a flood light that will illuminate your space. Or you can up the ante by adding on a security system that lights up and records anybody who’s scoping out your home.

Install a Timer

We’ve all forgotten to close the garage door as we leave home or before going to bed, and that’s a sure way to invite burglars inside. Put your mind at ease with a timed device that will close the door automatically after it’s been open for a preset amount of time. Still do take the time to ensure that you’ve closed the door every time you’ve opened it, and watch until it’s all the way down before you leave.

Vacation Security

When you leave for a vacation there are precautions to take, in addition to the ones you normally do for the rest of your home. First, disconnect the power to your garage door opener. If you have a keypad installed outside, or somebody has somehow gotten access to your remote, they won’t be able to get in as easily. Next, look for the latch on the inside of your door and padlock it (don’t ever put a padlock on the door with the power connected, or you risk severely damaging your door). And finally, lock the doors that have access to the garage, both interior and exterior.

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