reasons your garage door isn't working

Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. It allows you to protect your car from the weather, keeps your belongings in your vehicle and home secure, and it allows for ease of entry and exit. You might wonder why, after five years, yours isn’t working as well as it should. They’re supposed to last for decades, so if yours is making odd noises and isn’t moving up and down smoothly, the chances are that you’ve neglected maintenance.

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Here are some of the reasons your door might not be working.

Broken Torsion Springs and Cables

Is your door closing too fast or not opening all? That can be a pretty dangerous situation, especially when you have little ones and pets around. The likely cause is that you’ve got some broken tension springs and cables. While this is a job that some want to take on as a weekend DIY project, we highly recommend that you leave this job to the professionals. The springs are dangerous when not handled carefully, and can cause serious injury or even death.


If your door closes part of the way but goes back up, or if it won’t close at all, take a look at the photo eye sensors. It’s possible that they’ve fallen out of alignment, and need to be put back in place. They might also be dirty, or there could be an object that’s in the way. If you’ve remedied all of the above and it’s still not working, take a look at the track itself, which might have a large amount of debris built up. Clean the track with a damp towel to clear any dirt that’s in the way.

Transmitter Issues

If your door is opening and closing at odd times, locate your transmitter. If it’s in a handbag or pocket, you’re likely not aware you’re hitting it. Keep it on a key rack or another place where the button can’t be depressed. Another cause is that your code and a neighbor’s are the same, which means you’re likely opening their door, too! Check your owner’s manual for instructions for changing the code.

Dead Batteries

It seems silly, but have you checked your remote’s batteries at all lately? If you’re pressing the button and your door won’t move, pop in a new set of batteries.

Out of Alignment

If your sectional door is opening and closing at an angle, it needs to be addressed immediately. Your door is likely out of alignment, which means that it has the potential to fall out of the track. This can not only cause irreparable damage to the door, but serious injuries to anybody standing nearby. Usually, this is caused by a broken cable, but don’t mess around–call a professional right away to diagnose and fix the underlying issue.

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