1. make garage more useful

    Ways to Make Your Garage More Useful

    So many of us use our garage for one purpose: to keep the cars safe. While this is certainly the main purpose of most garages, the fact is, you can use this space for a number of things that will free…Read More

  2. facts about garage doors

    8 Facts About Garage Doors

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  3. garage door opens by itself

    My Garage Door Opens By Itself

    You're sure you closed your garage door, but lo and behold, it's opened by itself, and you're flummoxed. Shaking your head, you close it and go inside, but notice hours, days, or weeks later that it's…Read More

  4. why won't my garage door open

    Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

    You've probably been in the infuriation situation of your garage door not opening. It usually happens when you're late for work, the weather is bad, and a million other things went wrong, and all you …Read More

  5. garage door keypad safety

    Are Garage Door Keypads Safe?

    One question we're often asked is, "Are garage door keypads safe?" This is a great question to ask, and one that we wanted to go more into depth in this post. We take your home's safety seriously and …Read More

  6. real timber vs timber look garage doors

    Real Timber vs. Timber-look Garage Doors

    You love the look of a timber garage door. The wood is richly coloured, has a lovely texture, and adds an element of strength and beauty to your home. However, you're likely wondering if you should go…Read More

  7. professional garage door repairs

    Why to Hire a Pro for Garage Door Repairs

    With YouTube and other valuable resources on the Internet, many people feel empowered to take on DIY projects around the home. After watching a ten-minute video of a professional deftly handling a rep…Read More