Faux wood garage door

Timber garage doors are a stunning part of any home. They exude elegance, strength, and beauty, creating a stylish addition to your garage. Most wood doors are either made out of cedar or made to look like cedar, which is a gorgeous, heavy-duty type of wood. However, you have options when it comes to the material your new door is made from. While you could go with real cedar for your garage door, you also have the option to go with faux cedar.

At Factory Direct Garage Doors, we manufacture timber look garage doors made to look exactly like cedar. Our artisans put forth a level of craftsmanship that makes the doors so similar, you won’t know the difference unless you ask. All our doors are made from the highest quality Australian steel, ensuring years and years of use. In fact, all our custom garage doors come with a 10-year warranty.

Read on to learn more about the differences between real cedar garage doors and cedar-look garage doors.


Regular steel garage doors have little to no maintenance when it comes to their aesthetic appearance. While you should have regular maintenance done for the motor and other parts, the door itself is made to last and look fresh for years to come. Real wood doors require new stain every few years, which means you’ll need to power wash them, make repairs, sand them, and then put on the stain. They can look shoddy when this is neglected, especially when living in a climate with harsh weather and seasons. Many homeowners fall behind on this, or decide the upkeep is too much and end up painting over that beautiful wood. Going with a faux wood door is easier, and with our master artisans, you’d have no idea the door is actually steel!


As we mentioned above, you’ll have to perform maintenance on a real wood door. At the very least you’ll have to cover the cost of materials, but if you hire somebody to do it for you, you’ll have to factor in labor and other costs. And that’s in addition to the cost of the garage door. When you purchase one of our timber look garage doors, you’ll spend less than half the price you would for a real hardwood door.


Wood is heavy, which leads to wearing out the motor and other parts of your garage door opener much quicker than installing a wood-look garage door. That’s not to mention that the weight and materials of real timber garage doors can warp and rot, further impacting the parts of the door. A lightweight steel garage door is safer, too, which is something to consider when you have pets and small children.

Factory Direct Garage Door is your premiere source for cedar- and timber-look garage doors. When you go with our stunning doors, you’re given the highest quality of craftsmanship, a 10-year warranty, and superior service. Our doors are manufactured within a week of your order date in most cases, which is a fraction of the time other manufacturers can do it. Get a free quote on one of our gorgeous cedar-look garage doors today!