Get a Fast Turnaround for Your Cedar Garage Doors in Melbourne

You need cedar garage doors in Melbourne, and you need them now.

Perhaps your team is working on a new house, and you need to source a set of gorgeous timber garage doors within the week. Maybe you are a homeowner and need to replace a damaged garage door right away. In either case, Factory Direct Garage Doors can help provide what you need, when you need it.

What Sets Factory Direct Garage Doors Apart Regarding Turnaround Time

At Factory Direct Garage Doors, we are proud of our ability to deliver solutions in a timely fashion. Here’s why we’re different from our competitors concerning turnaround time:

  • We can work on short deadlines: Usually, you’ll have a few weeks or months of lead time to work with when it comes to purchasing a garage door. When you need a more urgent replacement, though, know that Factory Direct Garage Doors thrives under pressure. We can provide installation of your new door within seven days of order.
  • We manufacture directly from the factory: Part of the reason we can be so fast is that we manufacture directly from the factory, rather than going through any middlemen. This factor also helps us ensure quality control and offer a depth of customisation options to our customers.
  • We don’t sacrifice quality: Just because we are fast doesn’t mean we are sloppy. On the contrary, we use only the best materials on all our doors and back every product with ten years of warranty coverage.

We believe that you shouldn’t need to choose between getting your garage door quickly and getting a durable, high quality product. With Factory Direct Garage Doors, you don’t need to choose.

The Benefits of Our Cedar Garage Doors in Melbourne

If you are interested in exploring our wooden garage doors in Melbourne, consider these benefits:

  • They aren’t actually made of wood: There are a lot of great things about wood, but there are also disadvantages. Over time, real wood loses its crisp look and begins to rot, chip or otherwise show signs of wear and tear. Our timber garage doors aren’t actually made of wood, which means you won’t need to worry about repeatedly painting, staining or otherwise treating the wood to retain aesthetic and structural integrity.
  • They sure look like timber, though: While our cedar garage doors aren’t made of cedar, though, they sure look like they are. Our wood-look garage doors provide the rustic aesthetic and unique patterning of genuine wood without the disadvantages discussed above.
  • We can provide the aesthetic you prefer: What type of wood aesthetic do you want from your garage door? Light? Dark? Somewhere in-between? Red? Since we aren’t actually using wood to build your door, we can craft a high quality wood-look garage door that perfectly matches your colour specifications.

Are you interested in learning more about Factory Direct Garage Doors and our timber garage doors in Melbourne? Contact us today to get started.